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Lesley Visser
The very first NFL Analyst on TV has also earned her stripes in other types of broadcasts as well. She had worked on what seems to be an endless listing of sporting events throughout her career. Lesley was also voted #1 female sportscaster in a poll taken by the American Sportscaster Association. Visser became a member of CBS in 1984 & later in 1987 went on to become a full time broadcaster for them as well. She is also the only woman to ever preside over the Super Bowl Trophy presentation.

Gayle Gardener
The first female sports anchor on a major network was earned by this broadcaster. She worked for 3 years as anchor on Sports Center as well as broadcasting events such as the Super-bowl. In addition she became the first woman to do play by play during a live broadcast of a major league baseball game between the Rockies & the Reds. Later in her career she wrote a screenplay & worked for the food network as well.

Doris Burke
She was the first woman to work as an NBA analyst. Burke began her broadcast career in 1990 working for her alma mater on the radio. she moved up quickly from there through her vast knowledge of basketball. She has been credited several times as one of the top female analyst / broadcasters of all time.

Mary Carillo
She was offered her path into the field by USA network through announcing tennis but it did not take her very long to expand into other sports. She earned accolades throughout her career in every aspect of the industry she worked. She is very well known for her deep voice sense of humor & quick wit. It is said that she had such a successful career because she understood the business of television.

Over the years there have been many people who have tried their hand at sports casting. There are some women who are right at the top of that list & it can be said that no man has dine it better than a woman. This field has been welcoming & has several women who have left their mark on it. Actually the landscape would be no where near as colorful as it is now if not for those same women.

I am happy to say that even though it has probably been much harder on them than it was on their male counterparts, they have forever influenced the way I will look at the profession. There are none better than some of the women I have mentioned no matter where you look to find competition. I dare anyone to put forth a serious argument to indicate anything else. Keep a close watch in the future.

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