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Erin Andrews

This ex-Gators Dazzler dancer works for ESPN, where she began as a reporter for the network’s NHL coverage. Since joining the ESPN family, she’s since added college basketball, college football, and Major League Baseball to To Do list. Readers of Playboy magazine voted her “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” in 2007, and Erin has also appeared as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. I have always been impressed by the numerous different looking hair styles Erin “sports”. It wasn’t until my wife pointed out that most likely she was wearing wigs, and then showed my some wigs by Jon Renau at an online wig store that looked very similar, that I finally got it. I am still amazed how Jon Renau wigs look so realistic. I can remember seeing women wearing very obviously “wiggy” wigs when I was a young kid growing up in NYC. As my wife patiently explained to me the manufacturer of Jon Renau wigs is celebrated as one of the leaders in wig designs for their innovation in fine quality, color, and outstanding craftsmanship. She then educated me on the fine points of the differences among tipped, highlighted, streaked, shaded and blended colors. I now spend some of my time when I see a woman with a perfectly great looking hair style to see if she is wearing a wig or not. I still can’t tell via the TV screen if Erin is always wearing a wig. But just notice how often her hairdo changes.

Lindsay Soto

Lindsay Soto is a regular on the Fox Sports Network. She’s a California native and got her start writing about sports as her high school year book’s sports editor. At Fox Sports Net, she covers most Los Angeles-based teams, including USC football.

Hazel Mae

Mae was born in the Philippines, and is one of the New England’s most beloved sportscasters. Red Sox fans nominated her to be the very first president of Red Sox Nation. Coming soon: Mae will be the on-air face of the MLB Network.

Amber Wilson

Amber first burst onto the scene as a fantasy football commentator on CBS Sportsline. She’s now with the website Open Sports. Like Erin Andrews, she’s an ex-Gator Dazzler, and again like Erin, Amber really knows her stuff.

Krista Voda

In the realm of auto-racing sportscasting, Krista Voda governs like a queen. She’s a NASCAR pit reports on Fox, along with providing hosting duties of NCTS Setup on the SPEED Channel.

Ines Sainz

Ines is a former Miss Spain, and she works for Mexican television conducting sideline interviews. She’s known for two things: really tight pants and kissing the ball players after interviews.

Lisa Guerrero
Lisa began her professional sports career as a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader. She also dabbled as a soap actress before moving into sports reporting. The Los Angeles Times actually named her “the hardest working sports reporter” and she’s best known for being co-host of The Best Damn Sports Show Period. She left that show in 2003, and is now a correspondent on Inside Edition. At the age of 41 in 2006, she posed for Playboy.

Sara Carbonero
This is the reason you should get into soccer if you are not already guys. Sara may be a fresh face here in America but to European fans she is already well known. She gets some attention for her looks but don’t be fooled she has also earned her journalistic chops when she scored an exclusive with David Villa, a high profile players many reporters coveted an interview with.

Erin Sharoni
Making her debut in sports broadcasting in 2010 as a sideline reporter for St. Johns basketball she may be new to the field but you can expect her to make a big splash so to speak. This broadcaster is also a dancer, personal trainer, nutrician consultant, fitness competitor & United States Junior Olympic swim coach.

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