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I watched “Flatliners” last night with my girlfriend. I’ve seen it before but it was literally years and years ago. In fact it was when I was in Australia, of all places, visiting my Aunt Faye. My aunt is an amazing lady. She made her money in the Australian real estate market, but she also is involved in many other things as well. She is an avid gardener with an extraordinary garden that is always part of the annual gardening show where people are allowed to visit private gardens. Faye is also passionate about helping people in need and endangered wild animals.” My aunt is one busy lady. I think I will send her an email and suggest she watch Flatliners again.

It is such an old movie but I enjoyed it thoroughly none the less. What a cast, huh? You see, my girlfriend has this thing about Julia Roberts. She just loves her work. She has a little collection going, we are trying to collect all of her movies. We have quite a few of them but we still need a bunch. Anyway this movie is one of my all time favorites.

Kiefer Sutherland is in medical school with Julia Roberts, William Baldwin, Oliver Platt & Kevin Bacon. They are all at the top of their game but Kevin Bacon is a rogue student who is being suspended for taking action & saving a dying person before supervision could arrive. Kiefer Sutherland plays Nelson & his character wants to know what is beyond death. Is there a life afterwards? He is willing to do anything to learn the secrets that are in store, even die.

Nelson convinces all of his friends to help him cross the bridge between life & death then bring him back to tell the tale. They are all reluctant but they are curious as well. There are a lot of mysterious things we have yet to learn & they all agree this is a valid experiment. They take a scientific approach & put him under only to resuscitate him moments later. He comes back but not alone. He brings with him the knowledge that there is a life beyond this one.

Soon William Baldwin is ready to go. They put him under & bring him back as planned. Soon everyone wants to try it but Nelson soon learns the truth. That he has brought something back with him. They all have. There are skeletons in their closets & they must each find within themselves the strength to carry on. They each begin to experience things from their past haunting them & causing them grief in one way or another.

It is Kevin Bacon who finally learns the truth. Atonement is needed to move past the problems which they have each created for themselves. There is no one who can do that for you, but you. They all go on their own very personal journey to discover the answers they need & obtain the forgiveness they are searching for. Nelson has the hardest time of it all because he must make up with a child who lost his life during an accident years earlier.

He eventually decides to go back under. He needs to reach the other side to apologize & that is just what he goes on about doing.

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