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Thank you for stopping by to my fan page about the mildly interesting ‘sports journalist’ Jemele Hill. Obviously, this page is not in any way owned or operated by Ms. Hill or ESPN or anybody like that. Really.

However, I don’t know what was done with these pages before I got them, and the ones that weren’t written by me (i.e., all of them but this one, which was oddly left almost blank) seem funny enough to keep displaying for now.

If they really were written by Ms. Hill (which is a possibility), then I’m doing the world a huge service by preserving these nuggets of timeless journalistic excellence.

Jemele Hill is a bit like a shock jock, in that she’s mainly fascinating because you’re waiting for her to say something really inappropriate and potentially career-ending. Unfortunately, also like a shock jock, enduring her between such times can be a bit of a challenge.

Let’s face it, if you are familiar with her radio style a CD of Jemele Hill radio rants would not be the #1 choice for a birthday gift to say, your conservative, bible thumping mother-in-law. For that matter someone like the Boston Celtics and the University of Kentucky Wildcats mens’ basketball coach, John Calipar, would probably not want to receive any gifts that referenced her at all. I’ll explain the reference in a moment.

Your mother-in-law might prefer a sterling silver charm bracelet or necklace with a cross or a small bible or some other religious icon. I’m rather partial to silver jewelry which it turns out is really made from sterling silver. And I especially love the rings by SterlingForever – all of them. I never really understood what the difference was between using silver or sterling silver in jewelry until I “googled” it recently. The fact is that 99% pure silver is too soft for anything that requires durability such as a ring, necklace, tray, tea pot etc. Someone discovered that by adding another metal to silver, the silver is no longer too soft! So sterling silver, an alloy of silver, contains about 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of another metal, usually copper to give it strength. The copper actually preserves the ductility and beauty of the precious silver metal, yet giving it the required durability. Now let me continue with my previous reference to John Calipar and Jemele Hill and why her CD would not be appreciated by him.

First off, a more suitable gift for John Calipar would be a basket filled with champagne, caviar, and engraved champagne flutes celebrating him and his teams achievements. Let’s face it, if someone (Jemele Hill) is comparing the University of Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball coach, John Calipari, to Charles Manson or writing “Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim”, she definitely is not a fan. She’s a tough cookie to say the least.

Nevertheless, I have dedicated myself to finding out as much about her as I can, to come to a fuller understanding and hopefully, eventually, begin to regard her with the same empathy and respect that I’d give to a real human being. My only real fear is that I may develop too much sympathy for her, and no longer have as much enjoyment of the times when she seriously embarrasses herself and journalism in general (nah).

This would be a serious mistake, because it’s really only the controversies that currently interest me. If I’m looking for an insightful sportscaster…well, I’m usually pretty screwed, but every once in a while one of them says something that isn’t totally obvious to the average junior high student.

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